Manu Gastado


Manu Gastado releases his first solo album, a blissful melodic wandering through a '60s-inspired psych haze. As part of Los Tupper, one of Spain's best-kept secrets, he has spent the last decades indebted to the Jagger/Richards mould, but, on Kosmik Street he has set his Stones obsession to one side to delve further into that classic late-'60s British sound. It's like Revolver spinning in the Small Faces dressing room, a wonderful disimilation and modern update of one of the most mind-bending times in music history. (Nathan Whittle- Ruta66 Magazine)

LP + DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: 15€ + postage

CD DIGISLEEVE: 10€ + postage

Jon Ulecia & Cantina Bizarro


''Striptease'' is Jon Ulecia & Cantina Bizarro's comeback. Taking a new step in its path but without losing the essence, the band offer us nine new songs (two of them singing in Spanish for the first time). Class & elegance are again the constants. The phantoms of Thunders, Deville, Rowland Howard or Josetxo Ezponda are still overflying but, let there be no mistake, Ulecia's songs are a whole decalogue of authenticity. Give me a double shot of whatever and leave the bottle, the cantina is already open.

LP: 15€ + postage

Darrell Bath


ˇBell ringsˇ Three new songs of our favorite bandolero: Darrell Bath ''kid''. Here you will find the same prescription but even more sharp & groove. Opening fight the eponymous ''Rocking the streets'', a vicious Rock&Roll uppercut. Just fast and dirty. The second round is for ''Hand of Mercy'', a trim mid-tempo direct to your liver. Closing the fite nite a very special cover of David Essex: ''Hold me Close''. Add to Los Tupper giving instructions from the corner and 1,2,3,4 ˇKnock Outˇ

Price: 5€ + postage

Gil Rose

GIL ROSE "AMARILLO" 7" EP (2017)(STR-022)

If you want to know how to fix your broken heart, if you prefer to dig your blues or if you just want to give up on everything and dance smoothly with a sour drink in you right hand... this Ep is made for you! Four songs in which Gil Rose asserts his own style : deep and light, sincere and elegantly distant... Feeling at home and in good company with the rock'n'roll fellows of Sunthunder Records catalogue, Gil Rose is mostly an original french songwriter... Cheers amis !

Price: 7€ + postage

Darrell Bath


Following last year's release of the album "Roll Up", this 7" is the latest solo release by Vibrators guitarist Darrell Bath. Featuring 3 brand new songs, Darrell is once again joined by Crybabys drummer Robbie Rushton and Chris McDougall on bass on "Greedy Green Eyes" and "Sittin' In The Moonlight", plus an all-acoustic cover of DeVille/Pomus' "That World Outside". After the Madame Zodiac EP (released in 2013), this is Darrell's second release on Sunthunder Records. Strictly limited to 290 copies.

Sold out...only available via Darrell's FB page.

Gil Rose


''I received a disc in my mailbox. Gil Rose has struck again, this voice, this way of singing so singular, these stubborn enchanting arrangements. Gil Rose picked us, he do it his own way, without artifice, with elegance, with surrealism (Swiss or Belgian or whatever you want), insolence and emotion : an imaginary line drawn somewhere between CbGB's-Max's, Colette Magny, the nonsense, the Great Game and the ''congés payés'', the "Nationale 7'' from our childhood, waste grounds and green meadows. Gil Rose is that Rimbaud layabout, that glam Jacques Bertin on LSD of Jacobites obedience, the young modern Germain Nouveau of fifty years old. Thank you Gil for this wonderful and exhilarating surprise in my mailbox. Thank you to delight us. Oh! ''Monsieur Meteo'' ! These wonderful clouds. I received a disc in my mailbox, a Rose bouquet would have made me less effect '' Merle Leonce Bone, Feb 2016.

Price: 10€ + postage

Malcolm Scarpa


Sunthunder Records has the huge pleasure to release the new Malcolm Scarpa album, ''Something like that''. After a long wait for a new release from Malcolm, this instant classic has been born. With the same ingredients used in the past, Malcolm strikes again with one of the best albums on his career, pop and psychedelic tunes with jazzy elements and clever lyrics and arrangements. With the sight on the eternal classics (Davies, Wilson, Lennon&Macca), but with his own personal universe to delight us. Don't miss it!!!

CD= 10€ + postage

LP= 12€ + postage

Gipsy Roller


Gypsy Roller, started by vocalist/songwriter Gil Soliz, after coming out of the trenches from his former band, Champagne Cowboys from Portland, Oregon, created this recording by gathering an ensemble of talented musicians once he moved to San Francisco, California. Its cast includes Bay Area greats, including Allen Davis, Lee Gallagher, Andrzej Makaruk, Sean Mou-Keefe, Alex O'Neil, Jane Pettingil, Shea Roberts, Savannah Soliz, and Keith Urick. If you love the sounds of Johnny Thunders, T. Rex, Jacobites or The Rolling Stones, then you'll dig this album, 'Champagne & Rock 'n Roll'. It even includes a lovely cover track of the great songwriter, Kevin Junior from The Chamber Strings, "I Come Apart (A Tragic Comedy)". Album available in gatefold CD packaging.

Price: 10€ + postage

Dave Kusworth & Los Tupper


Dave Kusworth is one of the best hidden gems of rock & roll. With a long career on his back (Jacobites, Bounty Hunters, Tenderhooks, Dogs D'Amour) and a bunch of amazing solo albums, "the Birmingham kid" is still on the road. Recorded entirely during his last tours in Spain with the support of his good friends Los Tupper. You'll find a tasteful manifest along the grooves of "Throwing Rocks in Heaven". Dave takes out of his pocket (besides a rocket) a collection of songs that travel from idyllic landscapes to the darkest alleys. From the more excited Stones to a heartbroken J.Thunders. Slaps of reality looking artificial paradises, drowning for the last time at the bottom of a bottle. Take care and take a look at the sky because it might rain down rocks.


Sonic Trash

"HEY CHICA!" CD/LP (2012)(STR-010)

"Hey Chica!!" is the first Sonic Trash album, the new adventure of David Hono after four albums and several years on the road with his former band Ya te Digo.
An impressive declaration of principles with the scent of the 90's best sounds. They remind us to bands like Screaming Trees, Afghan Whigs or Jane's Addiction although not forgetting other classics like the Velvet Underground or the Stooges. The band show us all their cards in "Hey Chica!!" where they mix English and Spanish in the lyrics, creating a varied and homogeneous concept. Sharp-edged riffs, acid lyrics and crazy rythms are their credentials. Soldiers of gaupasa waiting in the trenches. We hope you enjoy it, cabronazos.
CD= 12€ + postage

Vinyl= 15€ + postage



Nikki Sudden and Dave Kusworth, or what is the same, the Jacobites, were formed in the early 80's as one of the most special and essential bands that arose from the underground British scene. Sunthunder Records is proud to be part of the small velvet universe contained in this 7", which contains two unreleased songs by Sudden & Kusworth.

On one side we have a tune that Nikki recorded in 2003 with his friend Joey Skidmore and other French artists. "The Otter Song" keeps the intensity of the greatest Sudden moments, with a remarkable John Rivers as engineer/producer for most of the discography by this Birmingham lot.

So what's on the other side? Dave Kusworth's "Apartment to compartment", an early-day classic on the Jacobites set list, a Rock & Roll smack in the purest Rolling Stones' "Exile on Main Street" style Recorded in Spain with Los Tupper, a Spanish support band that fits the Jacobite sound like a glove.

"Love stories failed and consumed in full ashtrays, shattered dreams as the last bottle of Chardonnay crashes against the ground while the light of a new morning comes through the curtains amongst a sweet hangover".

Price: 6€ + postage


KEVIN JUNIOR "RUINS" CD (2009)(HPR-013 // STR-006)

"Ruins" (a collection of rarities, b-sides & outtakes): Altough the name Kevin Junior may not yet be the household name it deserves to be, anyone seriously into the best American indie bands of the last ten years will surely get excited if you name them The Chamber Strings. As it is the band was formed in 1997 by Kevin (singer/songwriter/guitarist, a native of Akron, Ohio) in Chicago. But Kevin has quite a long career behind him, and "Ruins" traces an alternative story through its 19 rare or unissued tracks recorded by Kevin under different guises in the last 20 years: The Mystery Girls (1986-1992), The Rosehips (1992-1996) and The Chamber Strings (1997- present time) and on his own. Kevin has opened up his vaults to reevalute his long career, and the result is a collection that will serve both the long standing fans, who will find plenty to rejoice in, and the newcomers who will discover the amazing talent of one Kevin Junior.

Price: 12€ + postage

Last Night Dream


Finally out Jon Ulecia & Cantina Bizarro's debut album, "Last Night Dream". Having officially released just one song (on Sunthunder's Nikki Sudden tribute), now it is the time for this superb band from Pamplona, Spain, to leave you breathless after listening to the tracks on the album. Better not trying to catalog their music, just take a listen to some songs on the mp3 player below. One of the most elegant and creative bands that have recently appeared, indeed.

Price: 10€ + postage

Suddenly yours


21 bands paying tribute to the late Nikki Sudden: Joey Skidmore, Johan Asherton, Jon Ulecia & Cantina Bizarro, The NoMen, Dave Kusworth, Jef Aerosol, Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross, Los Tupper, Gil Rose et les Hydrophates, Minardis, Dancer vs Politician, Hole Hole, Soul Gestapo, DD Dynamite, Sangui, Freddy Lynxx, Shoo Chain Brothers, Avoidances, Elliott Murphy, Indy and Ruby Evil, Jeremy Gluck & Superczar.

Mastered by John Rivers, the engineer involved in many Nikki Sudden recordings, and artwork done by Jef Aerosol. Deluxe digipack!!

Price: 12€ + postage

Mala fama


Second album from the classic spanish band Los Tupper, 10 songs + 1 cover of "Comics y cigarrillos" (La Banda Trapera). Leaving their original classic punk rock and developing their own style, more classic-rock / country oriented.

Price: 6€ + postage

Los Tupper


''Silver Wedding'', that's the name of the brand new album of Los Tupper. Celebrating twenty-five years of existence, the band give us ten new songs that will delight to all its faithful fans. Inside the cake you'll find the usual ingredients, always seasoned with the unmistakable and elegant savoir-faire that they have been demonstrating for more than two decades. With a careful presentation to detail, don't miss the banquet. A celebration in style. Flip the tray over. Los Tupper invites you to dessert.


Gil Rose

GIL ROSE: ''SUR DU VELOURS'' 12'' VINYL EP (2020) (STR-027)

Slipping from the fluffy and funky ''Nous bűmes'' to the Morriconian ''Du męme fer'' via the heady ''Hold-up'' and its hail of percussions and acid guitars, ''Sur du velours'' ends with a disillusioned country song. Gil Rose catapults words and music with unrivalled verve and ingenuity aided by the classy musicians of Los Tupper. French elegance and groovy sounds, this one is high art. (Alain Feydri)


Dave Kusworth & Los Tupper


Once upon a time there was a prince who lived in a velvet castle. He was a Rock&Roll outlaw and sometimes he crossed the sea to play with a band of gypsies. In this second album together, ''Cinderella's shoes'', you're going to find the same ingredientes than in their previous, but a little bit older & wiser: romantic tales, dirty fairy legends, bastardian nouvelle and kinky voudeville. If I were you, I wouldn't miss the ball. There is free bar, music never stops and the stepsisters are available after midnight. We are sure, these shoes are made for you.

LP: 15€ + postage

CD: 10€ + postage

Jon Ulecia


On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Jon Ulecia & Cantina Bizarro's first work for Sunthunder Records,it's our pleasure to offer this limited edition on vinyl of "Last Night Dream" in which Nikki Sudden's "Rebel grave" cover is included as bonus track.The album has been achieving excellent reviews since it was first released on CD and this is an extraordinary chance to recall or discover the many faces of Jon Ulecia & Cantina Bizarro on vinyl.

Price: 12€ + postage

Hotel Debris


It's been worth waiting for Los Tupper's new album is here to stay under the name of ''Hotel Debris''. After the excellent reception of his former ''Yesterday's Pizza'', the band has turned the screw again, exploring new sounds and textures. On this ocassion, they have plunged into the greasy sounds of Mardi Gras, also stopping in those lonely pubs where you can have a pint of lager with Ray Davies or the much missed Kevin Ayers. Their brother out-law, ''the talented Darrel Bath'' collaborates in some tracks. Released on 12'' vinyl, CD & Cassette. You can bring your cat or dog. All guests are welcome!

Limited edition vinyl 12" + CD: 12€ + postage

Limited edition cassette + CD: 8 + postage

Kevin Junior


This four song EP is the result of the studio sessions that took place on April 2015, during the mini Spanish tour in which we had the pleasure of being Kevin's Band. Kevin decided to call the record "Si Minor Seventh", using the Spanish word "Si" instead of the letter "C", which is pronounced the same, in reference to the guitar chord (he also found it hilarious because "Si" is indeed the "B" chord in Spanish).Kevin was a perfectionist, so he apologized after being "picky" (in his own words) with the solo for the song "Ruins". We tried different ones, but none of them convinced him, so the recording remained on stand-by for a few months. Finally, we invited Charlie Mysterio ("Los Caramelos") to have a go at the solo. After a few attempts, we got Kevin's approval, who said it had been worth the wait.Kevin was enthusiastic as he had spent several years without recording any new stuff, so this would be his comeback. He was so pleased with the results that he announced his intention of using all the songs (apart from "Debris") for the new Chamber Strings album. However, he wanted the EP to be released first, credited as "Kevin Junior & Los Tupper". The cover's design got his approval straight away.Two days before passing away, he wrote to give us the last instructions for the final mix. This is the result. "We miss you Kevin" (Los Tupper)


Sudden Bones


A couple of wonderful songs and one of the last recordings of Mr. Nikki Sudden. Recorded in LA, 'Almost Perfect' and 'Is it Over' are written by Bobby Bones and both sung in duet. A hidden diamond for Nikki fans all over the world. In Sudden own words : 'One day the phone rang, it was Johnny Thunders, he said: ''C'mon over Nikki,there's some I'd like you to meet. Don't bring anyone with you, just come on your own.'' I did as requested and ended up on Whitley,just North Franklin with Johnny and someone who would become a good friend. Mr Bobby Bones, Rock & Roll confidant extraordinaire''


Los Tupper


December 2014 is the month. The brand new (and expectant) Los Tupper album sees the light. ''Yesterday's Pizza'' is a compendium of garage-blues-rock and pop psychedelic tunes stone baked. Since the publication of ''Sardinista'' Los Tupper have been involved in the recording and production of a couple of gems; ''Throwing Rocks in Heaven'' with the Jacobite Dave Kusworth, and ''Madame Zodiac EP'' joined together with Mr Darrell Bath. With a new line up (Pepe Terán on keyboards), and always looking forward, Los Tupper are working in new songs and preparing the set list for the new album tour.Take your slice of Yesterday's pizza and taste the original flavour of Rock&Roll!

CD= 10€ + postage

Vinyl= 12€ + postage

Darrell Bath


Madame Zodiac EP is the new release of Darrell Bath,a guy who always has been fighting on the most authentic side of Rock & Roll. A living legend of the London alleys with an unique twangy gitar style heir of the old blues and the coolest Stones. He's been involved with Ian Hunter,Nikki Sudden,Dogs D'Amour, Crybabies,,etc. Recorded in Spain with the help of his friends Los Tupper and Eddie Edwards (Vibrators, Inmates),this piece of vynil bring us three brand new songs and a couple of covers (Otis Clay and Dean Martin).So ,bruv, put the monkey on your back and dance with the winding rythms of Mr.Daz.

Price: 7€ + postage

Jon Ulecia & Cantina Bizarro


Frame is the second coming of Jon Ulecia and his Cantina Bizarro. A new demonstration of class and good taste by this talented boys. Following the footsteps of their fantastic debut album "Last Night Dream"(Sunthunder#004), in "Frame" Jon goes further, allowing the songs grow by themselves. Through the album we can find echoes of Tav Falco, Mink de Ville, Beasts of Bourbon or even Ray Davies in the amazing opening song "Anything goes". From the dead calm of "Quiet bird" to the electric storm of "Mind exile", passing for the reverberating border sounds of "Second coming". See you in the Cantina!

Price: 10€ + postage

Gil Rose


For his first offence, some years ago, Gil Rose claimed he was King of nothing. A clear statement and a real good start. Backed by Les Hydropathes in some Nino Ferrer / Ronnie Bird sixties-garage way. For this new one, he's now Star au Soto Bar. At last! Such an improvement. In between, you'll find a couple of others records. Less revival, much more sarcastic. Coming with a non-stop obsession for refinement and ironic peculiarity. Sometimes haunted by Nikki Sudden, Johnny Thunders or long time forgotten old bluesmen. But, above all, mainly Gil Rose. He's one of a kind. Logical next step was going alone. Offering the substantial. Closer to the bone. That's what "Soto bar" is all about. Bare record, full of imagination. A whole world. With great melodies. Less is more! Recorded and produced by none than Wreckless Eric, a legend by himself. Some fascinating bittersweet love songs and an handful of neurotic mocking ones. Add a cathartic celebration of western B- movie. Probably shooted in Spain. And even a couple of bossa nova. The guy HATES routine !! And reinvent what he likes about rock'n'roll. Something one part primitive, one part smart. And funny. With booze, women and tenderness. Doin' it his way. Informal. He's right!

Price: 10€ + postage



"Sardinista" is the new album of spanish classics LOS TUPPER, with a more than carefully planned production than previous releases and a forward jump into better composition and arrangement, featuring deluxe collaborations from Darrell Bath (Uk Subs, Ian Hunter, Mick Taylor), Kevin Junior (Chamber Strings, Epic Soundtracks) and Dave Kusworth (Dogs D'Amour, Jacobites, Bounty Hunters).

9 new songs on which you can taste influences from Marc Bolan, Willy Deville, Stones and a cover from Chamber Strings sang by Kevin himself!! A release plenty of class & style made by & for nightime dandies that howl in the night!! Deluxe digipack!!

Price: 10€ + postage

Tambourine girl


Some people change, and some others never do. Dave Kusworth is one of the last ones. Always faithful to his roots along a career of more than 30 years, he still lives by and for rock'n'roll. He began with T.V. Eye in 1977, formed The Hawks in 1979, and became a member of The Dogs D'Amour in 1983. In 1984 he took the partnership of Nikki Sudden in The Jacobites and in 1987 he formed his own band The Bounty Hunters.

Sunthunder Records is proud to announce the release of "Tambourine girl", his last work. A 12 tracks digipack compilating some rarities, demos and outtakes by the Bounty Hunters and his solo career with The Tenderhooks, collected by Dave himself. Don't miss your chance to get this piece of history!

Price: 12€ + postage

Ventriloquist Doll


At last, the new album from this notorius Kansas City rocker!! On this (his 6th) album, Mr. Skidmore presents 11 new songs of that stylish blend of rock, blues, garage & psychedelia with his distinctive vocals on top, featuring some cover songs of Beefheart, The Who and Buck Naked and the Bare Bottom Boys, too!!

Joey had the privilege to get the late & missed Nikki Sudden collaborating on this record, playing, co-singing and producing some of the tracks. Eric Ambel, from Del Lords, also plays guitar, among other set of valuable musicians.

Price: 10 € + postage

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